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Technical Guide on Zhaga-D4i control devices published

October 19, 2023

The DALI Alliance and the Zhaga Consortium have jointly published a technical guide that describes the key considerations to achieve Zhaga-D4i certification of control devices. 

Zhaga-D4i is a joint certification program provided by Zhaga and the DALI Alliance, and is designed to ensure plug-and-play interoperability between certified luminaires and certified control devices. 

Zhaga-D4i luminaires can have one or two Zhaga interfaces (connectors), each of which accommodates a luminaire-mounted Zhaga-D4i control device, such as a sensor or a wireless communication device (also known as a network lighting controller or NLC).

Tenders and system specifications should request not only certified Zhaga-D4i luminaires but also appropriate certified Zhaga-D4i control devices. Certification indicates full compliance with the relevant specifications.

The technical guide gives an overview of Zhaga-D4i certification and the D4i device types. It then explains in detail that the Zhaga specifications for outdoor (Book 18) and indoor (Book 20) lighting applications only allow certain D4i device types to be Zhaga-D4i certified.

Both organisations have published the technical guide on their respective websites.

>> Download the Technical Guide

>> More details about how to achieve Zhaga-D4i certification