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Digitizing Lighting in the Era of Decarbonization

October 31, 2023

The October/November issue of Designing Lighting magazine features an article by Carol Jones, who recently joined the DALI Alliance as our North America Market Development Manager.

“I've gone to multiple conferences recently with the specific intention of reaching beyond our lighting community,” says Carol. “My goal was to learn more about macro trends and priorities of building owners and managers, and to see how lighting does or doesn't fit into their goals.”

She describes her findings as “consistent and troubling. It's time to have courageous conversations and talk about the elephant in the room: the lack of digital alignment and interoperability in the lighting industry puts us at risk of irrelevance in the decarbonization era.”

Real-estate executives from large global firms think they are “done with lighting” in decarbonization because, after converting to LEDs, they can’t see a straightforward route to further benefits by adding controls. This is because of the prevalence of proprietary solutions and analog control. Meanwhile, digital communication is seen as “the cornerstone of operational decarbonization” in modern building systems.

“Building owners want to a global open protocol that enables interoperability between sensors and drivers and delivers data in a standardized format,” says the article, concluding that digital and interoperable technology is critical for lighting to gain “a meaningful slice of the pie” as vast amounts are invested in decarbonizing buildings.

Read the article in Designing Lighting magazine to learn more.


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