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DALI Alliance at Light Middle East

January 15, 2024

The DALI Alliance will participate at Light + Intelligent Building Middle East this week. The event takes place on January 16-18 in Dubai, UAE.

Paul Drosihn, General Manager of the DALI Alliance will speak during the Smart Build Summit on Day 2 (Wednesday 17 January) at 15:35. The talk is entitled “The role of lighting to enable Internet of Things (IoT) in Smart Buildings” and will cover the following:

  • Explaining how lighting-control protocols can provide addressability, data and connectivity to enable IoT applications.
  • Examining how enhanced data and diagnostics from digital lighting systems contributes to sustainability and decarbonization in buildings.
  • Exploring the merits of different connectivity options including both wired and wireless systems.
  • Discussing scalability of lighting-control networks and integration with other building automation and management systems.

Paul will also speak at the InSpotLight event on Day 3 (Thursday 18 January) at 13:30. Paul’s talk is entitled: “Sustainable, Smart and Standardized: How DALI Enables Efficient, Future-Proof Lighting Control Systems.”

  • Lighting control considerations: sustainability, circular economy, energy use, data.
  • DALI system benefits: reduced energy, lower carbon footprint, compliance.
  • Ensures full-range features: color control, accurate dimming.