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DiiA announces first Community member

Imperial, a leading European manufacturer of luminaires, has become the first company to register with DiiA as a Community member.

Community membership registration is open to all luminaire manufacturers, and enables these companies  to use the DALI Trademarks, including the DALI logos, to indicate that their luminaires contain certified DALI-2 or registered DALI version-1 components.

There is no fee for luminaire manufacturers to register with DiiA as Community members, and there is no fee for registered companies to use the DALI Trademarks according to DiiA’s rules.

Backed by the DALI-2 certification program, the DALI-2 logo conveys the message of interoperability. On a luminaire, the DALI-2 logo tells system integrators, specifiers and end customers that there is no need to worry about DALI-2 compatibility – this has already been taken care of.

For more information on the DiiA program for luminaire makers, including examples of when the DALI-2 logo can be used on luminaires, please visit:

>> DALI for Luminaire Makers

To see a list of registered luminaire makers, including Community members as well as brands affiliated with Regular and Associate members, please visit:

>> Registered luminaire makers


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