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First DALI-2 luminaires listed on DiiA website

March 16, 2018

The first DALI-2 luminaires, which are eligible to carry the DALI-2 logo, are now listed on the DiiA website.

>> List of DALI-2 luminaires

The luminaires, from DiiA member LEDVANCE, all contain DALI-2 certified LED drivers that are listed in the DiiA Product Database.

The DALI-2 logo on a luminaire gives the clear message that the luminaire maker has already taken care of DALI-2 compliance. A DALI-2 luminaire is designed to be interoperable with DALI-2 lighting systems, and backwards-compatible with older DALI systems.

There is currently no requirement to certify luminaires that include DALI-2 certified products  inside the luminaire, provided that the requirements of the DiiA “Trademark Guidelines” document are met. Since DALI-2 certification is carried out at the component level in most cases, there is no certification fee for luminaire makers.

While some luminaire makers such as LEDVANCE are DiiA Regular or Associate members, it is also possible for luminaire makers to register as Community members without charge.

Community registration allows companies to use the DiiA Trademarks (including DALI logos) according to DiiA’s rules, again without paying a fee.

The link below gives more information on Community registration and explains when the DALI-2 logo can be used on lumianires:

>> DALI for luminaire makers