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DALI version-1 product registration is now compulsory

June 1, 2018

All DALI version-1 products must now be registered on the DiiA website, to enable continued use of the DALI version-1 logo by DiiA members.

This applies to new products, and also to existing DALI version-1 products that continue to be available to the market.

DALI version-1 product registration is free of charge, and there is no requirement to submit test results for checking, unless requested.

However, this means that DiiA does not verify the test results, in contrast to the procedure for DALI-2 certification.

DALI version-1 registration and logo use is only possible for control gear. Other product types cannot be registered, and therefore cannot carry the DALI version-1 logo.

Registered DALI version-1 products from DiiA members are listed in the online Product Database, alongside certified DALI-2 products. At the time of writing, the database contains more than 170 DALI-2 certified products and more than 700 DALI version-1 products.


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