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TiL unveils conference program

TiL 2018's program will inspire, empower and reinvigorate today’s disrupted lighting industry

Austria, 28 June 2018: Trends in Lighting 2018 is an event that has been designed to support and inspire architects, engineers, art directors, product designers, fashion technologists, artists and the constantly curious, to find new meanings and new relevance of light in the digital age.

The event’s curator, award winning lighting designer Rogier van der Heide, recognized a need to explore and broaden the lighting industry’s ideas about modern innovations and their applications,  and he has brought together a handpicked squad of international experts to form an impressive program of speakers, workshops and gatherings to inspire us all.

“Trends in Lighting is a much needed event in the world of lighting. It demonstrates that lighting knows no boundaries and has new and unexpected applications everywhere: in healthcare, entertainment, mobility and agriculture, to name just a few areas. But Trends in Lighting is also mission-critical for the lighting industry in its quest to find new meanings and new relevance of light in the digital age.” Rogier Van Der Heide, Program Curator at TiL 2018.

Modern challenges mean we need to utilize new technologies in meaningful ways to create experiences that are memorable and relevant. TiL 2018 brings together knowledge, likeminded professionals and curious minds, and is a fantastic opportunity to gain new skills and to get inspired.

The international program line-up comes from all over the world, and includes companies such as Boeing, Arup, LichtVision Design, Volpi, OSRAM, Zumtobel, Signify, Bluetooth and many more. The carefully curated program is divided into four topics all as vital, and inspirational, as the next:

Lighting Heart & Soul: People have a special connection to light. It brings us joy and facilitates good health. This track is designed to inform about the best of human centric lighting by demonstrating special applications and sharing new insights. Delegates will acquire concrete methods and design concepts to integrate human centric lighting into projects.

The Right to Create: Let Trends in Lighting empower you! Join the workshops, with their hands-on approach and you too can learn about new technologies by working and experimenting with materials you would otherwise have no access to.

Humanized Technology: Learn about some of the world’s best user experiences with light and how those experiences were designed by considering customer journeys and personalization of the lighting design. Attendees will be able to grasp how to create their next project with a better understanding of the expectations and perceptions of their audience.

Beyond Illumination: Connected lighting is the next, big thing. But how will it make sense to people? The workshops and seminars in this track explore the purpose of light as a carrier of data and a vital part of a much bigger technology ecosystem. Visitors to TiL2018 will get the low-down on meaningful applications of “smart lighting” and learn how all of this will change our lives.

>> The full program is now live on the website and we look forward to welcoming you all to TiL2018.

Contact:  Ms. Bronwen Rolls, Bronwen.rolls@luger.research.com

Luger Research e.U. - Institute for Innovation and Technology
Moosmahdstrasse 30
6850 Dornbirn, Austria, Europe
Phone: +44 (0) 797 401 2962

The Organiser

The company Luger Research is the organiser of Trends in Lighting  and LED professional Symposium + Expo, publisher of LED professional publications, as well as technology and innovation consultants in international research projects. www.lugerresearch.com

Co-location with Europe's leading lighting technology event

The TiL 2018 will take place simultaneously with the seventh LED professional Symposium + Expo (LpS) event. The LpS event is a specialist conference with a parallel exhibition presenting the latest lighting technologies and innovations. With more than 100 lectures, workshops, forums, and more than 120 top international companies, the 1,600 expected visitors will learn about "Smart Technologies for Lighting Innovations". www.LpS2018.com


The city of Bregenz is Austria's westernmost state and is located on the shores of Lake Constance. The area in the heart of Europe, and is on the border with Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. TiL2018 takes place in the world-famous festival and congress house Bregenz. During the year, the festival hall becomes the venue for various operas and concerts.