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DALI-2 certification program expands

August 1, 2018

DiiA, the global DALI alliance, has expanded the DALI-2 certification program to include further lighting-control product types.

After a major release of new test-sequence software, DiiA members are now able to certify the following product types:

  • Multi-master application controllers (until now, it has been possible to certify single-masters only).
  • Integrated bus power supplies, in control gear and control devices (it is already possible to certify stand-alone bus power supplies)

Application controllers are a type of DALI control device, and act as the “brains” of a DALI system. They use information from any source, make decisions and send commands to other DALI devices. A multi-master is intended to share the bus with other control devices.

DiiA creates test sequences that enable manufacturers to show compliance of their products with the different Parts of the DALI standard, IEC 62386. The new DALI-2 test-sequence software includes updates to the following Parts:

  • Part 101 – General requirements for system components
  • Part 102 – General requirements for control gear (for example, LED drivers)
  • Part 103 – General requirements for control devices

The updates to the test sequences will result in enhanced interoperability of DALI-2 products, as well as bringing new product types into the DALI-2 product certification program.

DiiA is also developing test sequences for other DALI-2 products, including various types of sensor and also control gear enabling colour control. The status of all Parts of IEC 62386 can be found in the DALI Standard section of our website.

All DALI-2 certified products are listed in the Product Database on the DiiA website.


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