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LpS panel session: DiiA and Zhaga to unveil framework for standardization

As previously announced, DiiA and Zhaga are cooperating to develop specifications that help to meet the growing market demand for intelligent lighting fixtures that can participate in the Internet of Things (IoT).

The two organizations will talk about their plans in a panel session at the LpS conference entitled “Smart Luminaires for IoT Connectivity – DiiA and Zhaga Unveil Framework for Standardization”.

LpS takes place on September 25-27, 2018 in Bregenz, Austria.

Panellists include Scott Wade, DiiA Technical & Certification Manager, and Dee Denteneer, Zhaga Secretary General,  with Zumtobel’s Jens Herter as moderator.

The panel session takes place on Tuesday 25th September at 13:40-14:10.

Panellists will welcome the opportunity to answer questions from the audience.

For more information on the panel, please visit the LpS website or see the description below.

DALI-2 presentation

Elsewhere at LpS, on Wednesday 26th September at 14:00, Scott Wade will give an update on DALI-2 entitled: "DALI-2: Standardized, Interoperable Components and Smart Luminaires".

About the panel session

The trends in lighting towards digitalisation, intelligent lighting fixtures and the merger of lighting with the Internet of Things (IoT) all call for standardization to enable plug-and-play interoperability and to accelerate adoption of smart lighting technologies.

There is a market demand for standardized interfaces that enable sensors or communication devices to be seamlessly connected to LED luminaires. A modular approach with standardized interfaces supports the development of a broad range of such devices, and allows product ecosystems to flourish. Luminaires are future-proofed and can be upgraded in line with the ongoing evolution of sensing and connectivity technologies.

There is also market demand for intelligent luminaires that can collect and report data – such as energy metering and diagnostic functions – in a standardized format. This enables advanced lighting control and data analysis, and the luminaire should also supply the required power to all connected devices.

Having developed relevant specifications in this area, the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) and the Zhaga Consortium (Zhaga) are actively collaborating to define truly comprehensive specifications as the basis for broad adoption and increased speed to market.

This panel session will discuss the standardization framework that has been jointly established by DiiA and Zhaga, including certification programs that establish the promise of interoperability.

Join us to find out how smart standards will lead the way to smarter lighting.


DiiA and Zhaga joint press release (March 2018): DiiA and Zhaga start cooperation on IoT solutions for lighting


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