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Product database search tips

Tips for searching the DiiA Product Database

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Part Number & Product Name:

This product information is supplied by the member company. 

Product ID: 

This is a unique number for each product, and is assigned by DiiA. 


GTIN is the Global Trade Item Number. Every product requires a unique GTIN, which should be obtained by the member company.

Include all registered DALI products:

By default, only DALI-2 certified products are displayed.

To also include DALI version-1 products, check the "Include all registered DALI products" box. Results will be shown after all the DALI-2 products. Note that only control gear can be registered for DALI version-1.

Show all family products:

This box is checked by default, and the search results will show each individual member of a product family. 

Uncheck the box to compress each family into a single entry in the search results. 

You can then expand each family by selecting the plus sign in the "Show all family products" column

Include discontinued products:

Select this box to include Discontinued products in the search results. 

"Discontinued products" are no longer generally available for sale, but may be in stock with some distributors.


Tips for using filters

Product Types and Features

Several check boxes allow you to filter your search for different product types. Currently these are:

  • Control gear
  • Application controllers
  • Input devices
  • Bus power supplies
  • AUX power supplies

If you select any of these boxes, then additional features will appear. Select any combination of filters to narrow your search further. 

Example: Tunable white (Tc) LED drivers

  • Select "control gear". New filters will appear.
  • Select "Colour control (part 209, DT8)". New filters will appear.
  • Select "Colour type Tc"


If you are logged in on the DiiA member website, then you will see a "Download CSV" link that allows you to download your search results.