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Xitanium 60W 0.08-0.35A 220V TD16 230V

General information

DALI Product ID164
Product NameXitanium 60W 0.08-0.35A 220V TD16 230V
Brand NamePhilips
StatusCertified: DALI-2
Product Part Number9290 015 472
Bus unit configuration-

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Test conditions230V, 50Hz, Ambient Temperature 25degC, 60W LED Load,Product has undergone additional partial test execution and the main product is fully tested.
Test typePartial
Family reference product ID118
DALI test sequence software version2.0.6.0


Bus current consumption
Guaranteed supply current0
Maximum supply current0

Hardware/firmware information

If multiple versions exist then contact the manufacturer for details of the older versions.

Hardware version1.0
Firmware version2.1


Xitanium LED driver – linear HV non-isolated Xitanium 60W 0.08-0.35A 220V TD16 230VMain Product: XI 60W 0.08-0.35A 300V TD16CL 230V ( Product ID: 118) Currently submitted product is a Family Product with following differences: Output power Operating window Output voltage

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Product properties

LED drivers, ballasts, ECGs, etc.

“Other properties” do not imply certification to such standards.

Reference design of firmware or hardware available