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18W 500mA DALI-2 LED Driver

General information

Product ID3523
Product Name18W 500mA DALI-2 LED Driver
Brand NameOzuno
StatusCertified: DALI-2
Part numberOZLC500C18DD

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Test conditions240V, 50Hz. Ambient temperature 25C. 21V Inlite Superhero lamp.
Test typeFull
Family reference product ID-
DALI test sequence software version2.1.1.0


Bus current consumption1.91
Guaranteed supply current0
Maximum supply current0

Hardware/firmware information

Hardware version1.0
Firmware version2.0

Product reference product description

Constant current DALI LED driver, with current regulated output and dimming range 0.1% to 100%. Mains power and DALI is connected using screw terminals under a cover for strain relief. This provides maximum flexibility for installation. The driver can be mounted inside a luminaire, in a control gear housing, or be used as a separate driver for connection to a LED light engine. These DALI LED Drivers incorporate RAPIX Xi Extended Intelligence which provides additional features, functionality and information when connected to the RAPIX Lighting Control system.


Ozuno DALI-2 LED Driver Family. 500 mA, 18 – 30 V dc (6 – 10 LEDs).

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