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SpaceLogic KNX DALI Gateway Pro

General information

Product ID3717
Product NameSpaceLogic KNX DALI Gateway Pro
Brand NameSchneider Electric
StatusCertified: DALI-2
Part numberMTN6725-0101

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Test conditionsProbitLab2 DALI Tester, ProbitBench V4.2.7.0, Hewlett Packard 34401A Multimeter, Agilent DSOX2004A Oszilloscope
Test typeFull
Family reference product ID-
DALI test sequence software version2.1.1.0


Bus current consumption
Guaranteed supply current160
Maximum supply current250

Hardware/firmware information

Hardware version1.0
Firmware version1.0


The SpaceLogic KNX DALI Gateway Pro is a Multi-Master application controller for controlling electronic ballasts with DALI interface via the KNX installation bus. It supports ballasts according to EN 62386-102 ed1 (DALI1), devices according to EN 62386-102 ed2 (DALI2), as well as DALI2 motion sensors and light sensors according to EN 62386-303 and EN 62386-304. This Gateway has a DALI output which can control up to 64 ECGs. In addition, up to 8 DALI2 motion detectors or light sensors can be connected. Multi-master operation according to EN 62386-103 ed2 is permitted. The required power supply for the connected ECGs and motion sensors is provided directly from the device. The device is available in a 4TE wide DIN rail housing for direct installation in an electrical distribution board. The bus connection is made via a standard bus connector. Mains and DALI lines are connected via screw terminals on the device. Ethernet is connected via an RJ45 socket. Per gateway the ECGs can be controlled in 16 groups. In addition to the group control the SpaceLogic KNX DALI Gateway Pro also allows individual control of up to 64 ECGs. In addition to the control of all standard operating devices, the SpaceLogic KNX DALI Gateway Pro also allows the operation of single battery emergency lights (EN 62386-202). Emergency lighting systems with central battery are also supported.

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