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LEDGEAR 50W Linear Driver: L558-401250DB-F

General information

Product ID4142
Product NameLEDGEAR 50W Linear Driver: L558-401250DB-F
StatusCertified: DALI-2
Part numberL558-401250DB-F
Bus unit configuration-

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Test conditions230V, 50Hz, 25°C LED modules applied by Kinglumi Co., Ld.
Test typeFull
Family reference product ID-
DALI test sequence software version2.2.0.0


Bus current consumption1.6
Guaranteed supply current0
Maximum supply current0

Hardware/firmware information

Hardware version0.1
Firmware version16.0

Product reference product description

LEDGEAR® isolated SELV DALI linear drivers are ideal for linear systems and stand on: quality of light, reliability and flexibility. These LEDGEAR® L3, L4 and L5 linear drivers are built-in control gear with screw-fixing holes to be settled inside luminaires / fixtures. The output current can be programmed by DALI interface or by selected by DIP switches which allows you to adjust the constant output current to work with different power LED modules. It helps to reduce the inventory and faster to projects. These LED drivers provide Amplitude Modulation(AM, or CCR) current output, by using these LEDGEAR® LED drivers in your luminaires, you can be sure to offer your customers high quality of light without visual flicker and stroboscopic effects to work in TV studios and security camera environments. Also, this family offers 1-10V dimming as option.


L558-401250DB-F is a constant current LED linear built-in driver. Featuring DALI-2. Input: 220-240VAC ~ 50-60Hz. Output:900-1250mA,Typical 20-40V.

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