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DALI Control Pro64 Gateway, 4SU MDRC

General information

Product ID4587
Product NameDALI Control Pro64 Gateway, 4SU MDRC
Brand NameMDT technologies GmbH
StatusCertified: DALI-2
Part numberSCN-DA641P.04S
Bus unit configuration-


Test conditionsProbitLab2 DALI Tester, ProbitBench V4.2.7.0, Hewlett Packard 34401A Multimeter, Agilent DSOX2004A Oszilloscope. Rebrand of 3659.
Test typeFull
Family reference product ID-
DALI test sequence software version2.1.1.0


Bus current consumption
Guaranteed supply current160
Maximum supply current250

Hardware/firmware information

Hardware version1.0
Firmware version1.0


DALI Control Pro64 Gateway, 4SU MDRC. The gateway is certified as a multi-master DALI-2. With dimmable colour setting via HSV control. Individual control of up to 64 ECGs / 16 DALI groups. Can be used as KNX or KNX Secure device. Supports DALI and DALI-2 standard. Individual control of up to 64 ECGs / 16 DALI groups. Additionally, up to 8 DALI-2 motion detectors or light sensors can be connected. Innovative HSV colour control, RGB, RGBW and XY colour according to DALI DT8 standard (16 DALI groups/single ECG). Tunable White and Dim2Warm colour temperature control (16 DALI groups/single ECG). Support of various DALI ECGs (DT6/DT8). Support of DT-1 single-battery emergency luminaires and emergency luminaires. Integrated colour control module for time-dependent control. Manual operation for all 16 groups. 16 scenes with individual dimming times. Energy saving function, 16 flexible standby groups for switching off any individual channels/groups of ECGs (via additional KNX switch actuator). Simple group assignment directly on the display. DALI commissioning possible via web browser or on the device. Detection of faulty lamps and ECGs. ECG quick exchange. Free DCA app for commissioning the DALI bus system. Commissioning with ETS5. 3-years product guarantee.

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Product properties

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