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General information

DALI Product ID5840
Product NameDIN-DALI-2
Brand NameCrestron
StatusCertified: DALI-2
Product Part Number6503777
Bus unit configuration-

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Test conditionsTests carried out at Ambient Temperature of 70-74 degrees Fahrenheit. Mains voltage measured at 118-120Vrms @60Hz. Oscilloscopes used: TPS2024B from Tektronix and InfiniiVision DSO-X 2024A from Keysight. Multimeter used: 179 True RMS from Fluke. Only Part 101 and Part 103 (IEC 62386) sequences were run since the certification subject is a single master control device.
Test typeFull
Family reference product ID-
DALI test sequence software version2.3.2.0


Bus current consumption
Guaranteed supply current150
Maximum supply current250

Hardware/firmware information

Hardware version1.1
Firmware version1.1


The DIN-DALI-2 is a DALI-2™ certified DALI® interface for Crestron® systems that providescontrol of up to two individual DALI loops. Housed in a DIN-rail enclosure, the DIN-DALI-2is a low-profile Cresnet® or Ethernet companion to most Crestron DIN rail processors orcontrol systems. In addition to controlling the DALI data bus, it includes an integratedDALI power supply. Single-wire connectivity simplifies both new and retrofit installations,and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) versatility assists in situations with existing CAT5infrastructure.

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Product properties

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