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Accredited Test Houses

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Name UL International Italia s.r.l. UL Suzhou
Location Carugate (Milan), Italy Suzhou, China
Contact details

Office address: Via delle Industrie, 1

Lab address: Via delle Industrie, 5

Email: info.it@ul.com
Phone: + 39 02 9252 6500

Website: www.ul.com

UL-CCIC Company Limited,
No.2 Chengwan Road,
Suzhou Industrial Park,
Suzhou, Jiangsu 215122, China

Email: customerservice.cn@ul.com
Phone: (86) 0512 6808 6400

Website: www.ul.com

Written and spoken languages English, Italian, French, German English, Chinese
Test report language English
ProbitLab 2 tester available Yes
Regions from which products are accepted Worldwide
Test-results consultancy service also available No
Other DALI-related services No
Mains supply capabilities AC: 0-300 V; 15-1,000 Hz; 1,500 VA
DC: 0-300 V; 750 W
AC: 0-600 V; 50/60Hz; 3,000 VA
DC: 0-600 V; 60A; 2,400VA
Manufacturer of DALI products No
Other accreditation ISO/IEC 17025:2017,
CB Scheme,
Energy Star, DLC, DLC+
ISO/IEC 17025:2017,
CB Scheme,
Energy Star, DLC, DOE/CEC, NRcan


IEC 62386 Parts that can be tested (Applies to both locations)

Last updated: December 2021

IEC 62386 Parts - General DALI v-1 DALI-2
System - 101   Yes
Control gear - 102 Yes Yes
Control devices - 103   Yes
Bus power supplies   Yes
Devices with integrated bus power supply   Yes
AUX power supplies - 150   Yes
Control gear    
Fluorescent - 201 Yes  
Self-contained emergency - 202 Yes  
HID - 203 Yes  
Low-voltage halogen - 204 Yes  
Incandescent dimmer - 205 Yes  
Conversion into DC voltage - 206 Yes Yes
LED - 207 Yes Yes
Switching - 208 Yes Yes
Colour control - 209   Yes
D4i specifications for control gear    
Integrated bus power supply - 250   Yes
Luminaire Data - 251   Yes
Energy Data - 252   Yes
Diagnostics Data - 253   Yes
Control devices    
Push-buttons - 301   Yes
Absolute input devices -  302   Yes
Occupancy sensor - 303   Yes
Light sensor - 304   Yes
Luminaire-mounted control devices - 351   Yes