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Guangzhou Int'l Lighting Exhibition (GILE 2019)

DiiA members at GILE

Click here for a list of DiiA members exhibiting at GILE 2019.


DALI-2 Seminar at GILE

Scott Wade of DiiA will present a seminar on DALI-2 at GILE, entitled "DALI-2: The global standard for smart, digital, lighting control in the IoT era".

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The presentation will be in English, with simultaneous interpretation into simplified Chinese.

Date: Monday 10th June 2019
Session: “Leap Forward : Digitalization – Smart lighting”
Time: 15:30 – 16:00
Venue: Along Pearl Promenade in area A, opposite to Hall 4.1

>> More information on the "THINKLIGHT" event


Dr. Scott Wade
Technical & Certification Manager, DiiA

Seminar Overview

Our seminar covers updates to the international DALI standard, and to the DALI-2 certification program. We will describe DiiA’s work to expand the DALI-2 program by adding more product features and functions. We will look at practical considerations when building DALI systems, and address common misconceptions.

We will also discuss the new DiiA specifications, as well as the new D4i logo and certification program for intra-luminaire DALI. We will explain the benefits of D4i for outdoor lighting applications, including data reporting for asset management and automated commissioning, energy-usage reporting for time-of-use billing, and the availability of diagnostic data leading to maintenance savings.

Finally, the seminar will explain how DiiA is working with organizations such as ANSI and Zhaga on further standardization, and describe the joint Zhaga-D4i program that enables smart, future-proof LED luminaires with IoT connectivity.


Dr. Scott Wade
Technical & Certification Manager, 技术和认证经理
Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA), 数字照明接口联盟 (DiiA)

>> 下载演示文稿

全球照明行业协会”数字照明接口联盟”(DiiA)推出了DALI-2认证,重点关注智能,可互操作的组件,以实现强大,可扩展和灵活的照明网络。 DALI-2扩展并增强了DALI作为数字照明控制的专 用和标准化协议的优势。 以有严格的测试和验证程序的DiiA产品认证计划为后盾,DALI-2非常注重多厂商的互操作性。





Speaker Details

Dr. Scott Wade has been Technical & Certification Manager for DiiA, and previously the DALI working group, since August 2013. He developed and implemented the DALI-2 certification program on behalf of DiiA. For around 14 years, he has been an industry expert member of the IEC 62386 standardisation team.

Prior to DiiA/DALI, Dr. Wade was NPI Director for Electronics and Systems at Honeywell ED&S, and prior to that was at Helvar, most recently as R&D Manager for Lighting Controls. Dr. Wade holds a Ph.D. in Power Electronics, and an M.Eng. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.


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DiiA members at GILE

The following DiiA members will participate in the exhibition at GILE.

Member company Brand Hall Booth
Casambi   3.2 B02
DEKRA (Shanghai) Investment Co., Ltd   3.2 A30
DiiA   11.2 H06
Dongguan BOKE LED Drivers Co., LTD BOKE 13.2 D46
Foshan Huaquan Electrical Lighting Co.,Ltd Watran 12.2 C40
Hangzhou Youte Power Co., Ltd. uPowerTek 13.2 D36
HEP Tech Co., Ltd.   3.2 A02
Intertek Testing Services Shenzhen Ltd   3.2 A34
Inventronics (Hangzhou), Inc.   13.2 D20
Kinglumi Co., Ltd.   5.1 A27
LiFud Technology Co., Ltd. LiFud 12.2 D10
Ningbo Snappy Optoelectronics Co. Ltd Snappy 12.2 D50
Ningbo Violet Lighting Electric Co.,Ltd.   4.1 B46
SELF Electronics Co.,Ltd.   12.2 F52
Shanghai Euchips Industrial Co.,Ltd. EUChips 12.2 D26
Shenzhen Merrytek Technology Co., Ltd Merrytek 3.2 D39
Shenzhen MOSO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. MOSO 12.2 D02
Shenzhen Sunricher Technology Limited Sunricher 12.2 C36
Shenzhen Tomcarline Power Supply Co., Ltd. Tomcarline 13.2 C36
Signify   3.2 A02
TCI   3.2 B02
WAGO   3.2 A18
Wieland Electric   3.2 G35
Xiamen AcTEC Electronics Co Ltd AcTEC 12.2 C46
Zencontrol Limited   13.2 D07
Zhejiang Klite Lighting Holdings Co.,Ltd.   3.1 C35
Zhuhai LTech Technology Co., Ltd.  LTech 12.2 C18
Zhuhai Shengchang Electronics co.,Ltd   11.3 E28