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First certified DALI-2 sensors and other input devices added to Product Database

May 30, 2019

Following the addition of input devices to the DALI-2 certification program (see News), several more types of input device have been certified by DiiA members, including the first DALI-2 multi-sensor.

The first certified DALI-2 input device was a push-button device from DiiA member zencontrol, which implements Part 301 of the DALI-2 specification (see News).

Meanwhile, the LDALI-BM2 quadruple DALI push-button coupler (pictured right) from LOYTEC electronics GmbH was the first DALI-2 input device to implement more that one of the new Parts (301-304) of the DALI-2 specification. This product implements both Part 301 (push buttons) and Part 302 (absolute input devices such as switches or sliders).

First DALI-2 sensor

Also, the first DALI-2 multi-sensor has now been certified. Zencontrol’s zc-pir is a combined occupancy (PIR) and light (lux) sensor, which implements Parts 303 and 304 of DALI-2.

The DiiA Product Database lists all certified DALI-2 products, as well as registered DALI version-1 products.

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