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ANSI C137.4-2019 standard aligns with D4i specifications

October 11, 2019

ANSI, the American National Standards Institute, has published a new standard ANSI C137.4-2019 entitled “American National Standard for Lighting Systems—Digital Interface with Auxiliary Power.

DiiA is represented on the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) C137 on Lighting Systems, which developed the new standard.

ANSI C137.4 is based on the DALI standard IEC 62386 with additional characteristics that are aligned with the D4i family of specifications from DiiA.

ANSI C137.4 describes LED drivers with an integrated bus power supply and an optional, separate auxiliary (AUX) power supply. These features are aligned with the DiiA Part 250 and Part 150 specifications, respectively. The capabilities and configuration of the integrated bus power supply are given and set via parameters in memory bank 201.

ANSI C137.4 also defines luminaire-specific data stored in memory bank 1, per DiiA Part 251. Luminaire OEMs are able to program a range of data into the driver—such as luminaire identification codes, nominal light output and even housing colour—that can be used for asset management in the field.

Mike O’Boyle, Technical Policy Manager at Signify and Technical Coordinator of the ANSI C137.4 Working Group, gave a presentation on ANSI C137.4 as part of the DiiA seminar at Lightfair 2019. >> View presentation

Ongoing development of this ANSI standard is expected to include (by reference) other D4i specifications including DiiA Part 252 (operational & diagnostic data), Part 253 (energy usage) and Part 351 (luminaire-mounted control devices), together with regional specific requirements.

>> Download ANSI C137.4-2019 Contents and Scope

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DiiA specifications Relationship with ANSI standard
DiiA Part 250 – Integrated Bus Power Supply Included in ANSI C137.4-2019
DiiA Part 150 – AUX Power Supply
DiiA Part 251 – Memory Bank 1 Extension (luminaire-related data for asset management)
DiiA Part 252 – Energy Reporting

Expected to be included (by reference) in future version

DiiA Part 253 – Diagnostics & Maintenance
DiiA Part 351 – Luminaire-mounted control devices


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