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First DALI-2 tunable white LED drivers receive certification

February 6, 2020

The first DALI-2 tunable white LED drivers are now listed as certified products in the DiiA online database.

DALI-2 certification for tunable white colour control was launched earlier this week – see news.

The first DALI-2 tunable white products are the DUALdrive 562/A and DUALdrive 562/S LED drivers from DiiA member eldoLED.

Tunable white is the term used to describe the colour temperature (Tc) method of colour control. Tc is one of several colour types described in Part 209 of IEC 62386, the international DALI standard.

DiiA created the tests required to enable DALI-2 certification for tunable white control gear, and is now developing DALI-2 tests for the other colour types.

Tunable white LED drivers can be found in the DiiA Product Database by selecting the following filters at the left-hand side of the screen: Control gear >> Colour Control >> Colour Type Tc.

Forum Groningen

In a recent press release, eldoLED described a project at the Forum Groningen (see photo) in the Netherlands, using over 1000 tunable white luminaires with DALI drivers.

eldoLED described the Forum as “one of the largest public buildings with tunable white luminaires throughout the entire space...[these] can be dimmed to 0.1% and provide continuous dynamic adjustment of the light from 2500K to 4000K throughout the day.”


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