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Zhaga-D4i luminaire certification to include ANSI C136.41 receptacles

October 14, 2020

Luminaires that contain both ANSI C136.41 receptacles and Zhaga sockets will be eligible in future for Zhaga-D4i certification, according to a new edition of the Zhaga Book 18 specification that is currently in preparation.

As defined in Book 18, receptacles (also known as sockets) are used to attach compatible D4i devices such as sensors or control and communication nodes (also known as network lighting controllers) to the luminaires. The D4i specifications from the DALI Alliance enable plug-and-play interoperability between D4i devices and luminaires, by taking care of communication, control and power requirements.

Today, the larger ANSI C136.41 receptacle is offered by almost all luminaire manufacturers and is a requirement for many city and roadway lights, while the smaller Zhaga Book 18 socket is gaining momentum. The photo shows the relative size of the male connectors used by ANSI C136.41  (left) and Zhaga Book 18 (right).

Several manufacturers have gained Zhaga-D4i certification of luminaires with Zhaga sockets, according to Zhaga Book 18 Ed. 2.0 (see the Zhaga product database).

Hybrid architectures will be enabled by the upcoming Book 18 Ed. 3.0. A typical example is an outdoor luminaire with a Zhaga socket on the underside to accommodate a sensor, combined with an ANSI C136.41 receptacle on the top side for a network lighting controller.

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