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First DALI-2 certification of self-contained emergency devices

February 24, 2022

The DALI Alliance has certified the first DALI-2 LED driver for self-contained emergency lighting. Also, we report the first DALI-2 product to implement all 3 colour-control types, and the first DALI-2 phase-cut dimmer to implement the Part 205 specification.

The DALI Alliance creates the DALI-2 tests required for certification, and provides independent verification of the test results. All certified DALI-2 products are listed in the DALI Alliance Product Database.

First DALI-2 LED driver for self-contained emergency lighting

While the industry has enjoyed the benefits of DALI-based emergency lighting for many years, the introduction of DALI-2 certification for emergency (see press release) builds further confidence in the interoperability of certified DALI-2 devices.

The first DALI-2 LED driver for emergency lighting is the EM pLED PRO FX 202 LiFePO4 2W SCREW from Tridonic. 

DALI-2 certification for self-contained emergency control gear is based on Part 202 of IEC 62386. Four device types are specified, and the Tridonic device is Type B, meaning that it is maintained, controllable and non-dimmable.

Notably, the Tridonic product also implements the DALI data specifications, namely Part 251 (luminaire data), Part 252 (energy data) and Part 253 (diagnostics data). Part 252 allows the energy usage of the emergency control gear to be monitored and reported.

>> More information on DALI Emergency

First DALI-2 product to implement all 3 colour types

Many DALI Alliance members have already certified DALI-2 “tunable white” products that implement colour type Tc of Part 209 (>> view tunable white devices in the product database). 

DALI-2 testing for two additional colour types – xy coordinate and RGBWAF – was subsequently added (see press release). 

As explained on our DALI Colour Control page, DALI-2 certification is possible for three product types. One of these is “Multi-type Colour Control” products where all 3 colour types are available in the same device.

The first DALI-2 certified product to implement all 3 colour types is the P3K4B1 from ERCO GmbH.

This is a PCB-based component that is built into ERCO luminaires, and as such is not sold individually to the customer. The images show a product rendering of a luminaire containing the DALI-2 component, as well as a picture of the product in an installation showcasing the use of ERCO full colour luminaires (© ERCO GmbH / Lukas Palik).

First DALI-2 product to implement Part 205

The L-DALI-PD1 Phase-Cut Dimmer Module from LOYTEC electronics GmbH is the first DALI-2 certified product to successfully implement Part 205. 

The LDALI PD1 module enables phase cut dimming control of lamps via a DALI channel. Typical application scenarios are the integration of 230V LED-retrofit lamps or halogen lamps in DALI lighting applications.

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