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DALI Project: Galicia Jewish Museum

Retrofitting the Galicia Jewish Museum

Location: Krakow, Poland

DiiA Member: Silvair

A retrofitted lighting system installed in the Galicia Jewish Museum is controlled using DALI with wireless communication between the lighting tracks and the central controller. 

Lighting supplier Zumtobel proposed a track system using their Supersystem II lighting modules and bmLINKs—a  qualified Bluetooth mesh solution developed in cooperation with Silvair. The bmLINKs are connected wirelessly to the LITECOM controller, which controls the whole installation via DALI.

The wireless lighting-control system minimized the amount of hardware and control cabling, while delivering a system that is both easy to install and flexible enough to recommission as needs and requirements change.

The first stage of this two-phase project saw Zumtobel install a multifunctional, low-voltage DALI track system with 34 Supersystem II spotlights. Each track is controlled via bmLINKs—a  wireless solution for DALI systems—with one  bmLINK receiver and one bmLINK sender per track.

Silvair explains that the bmLINK devices act like application gateways, translating DALI to native Bluetooth mesh and vice versa to enable wireless transmission.


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