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Presentations & downloads

DiiA Specifications

>> DiiA Specifications can be downloaded here


Technical Guides


DALI+ Systems

(Version 1.0, September 2021)


DALI Gateways Implementing Part 341 or 342

(Version 1.0, September 2021)


General DiiA overview

PRESENTATION: DALI Alliance Overview

November 2020

Introducing the DALI Alliance and DALI-2

A general introduction to DiiA, including:

  • DALI trademarks and logos
  • Key features of DALI-2
  • DiiA membership
  • DALI-2 certification & specifications
  • DALI-2 testing
  • IEC and DiiA specifications
  • DALI-2 certified products


>> Visit the D4i page
>> Visit the Zhaga-D4i page




April 2018

DALI Quick Start Guide

DALI 快速啟動指南

Provides basic information on DALI for specifiers, planners, lighting-system designers, system integrators, installers, commissioning engineers, luminaire manufacturers and others, incuding:

  • What is DALI?
  • What is the difference between DALI and DALI-2?
  • DALI devices
  • Addresses, groups and scenes
  • Using DALI-2 products

本 DiiA 指南提供 DALI 基本使用資訊,作為專業人士、規劃人員、照明系統設計人員、系統整合商、安裝人員、調試工程師,燈具製造商和其他人員參考使用。



November 2017

DALI-2: The latest version of the DALI protocol

This DiiA Technical Note describes the key technical differences between version 1 of the DALI standard and DALI-2. 

More information:
>> DALI-2 versus DALI version-1



DALI and Connectivity: Choice and flexibility with DALI+ and Wireless Gateways

Describes the newly-introduced DALI connectivity options, including DALI+ and wireless gateways. >> Webinar recording, materials and Q&A 

July 2021

How D4i and Zhaga Book 20 can help you win the L-Prize

Details of how D4i and Zhaga Book 20 can contribute to a successful L-Prize submission. Presenters from PNNL, the DALI Alliance and Zhaga. >> Webinar recording, materials 

August 2021



D4i – Data and Power to Connect!

Three speakers explain the benefits of D4i and data with numerous use-case examples. 

October 2021; New York

Webinars 2020


DALI webinar with arc magazine - November 2020
"What can DALI do? Lighting quality and control meets intelligence and connectivity"

>> Download the presentation materials

>> View the full webinar recording on YouTube


DALI-2 webinar with Lux magazine – June 2020
 Connected DALI-2 lighting control for intelligent, occupant-friendly buildings

>> Download presentation materials

>> View the webinar recording on demand (Lux website)

>> Download the Questions & Answers document

  • Introduction: DALI, DALI-2 and DiiA
  • Key technical features
  • Benefits for lighting
  • DALI in smart buildings
  • Connectivity


Conference presentations

Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

October 2019

DALI-2: The global standard for smart, digital lighting control in the IoT era 物聯網時代智慧,數位,照明控制的全球標準

Presenter: Scott Wade, DiiA


DALI Summit 2019

September 2019

Please visit the DALI Summit page to download presentations from the DALI Summit 2019


Guangzhou Int'l Lighting Exhibition (GILE)

June 2019

Please visit the GILE page to download the presentation:

DALI-2: The global standard for smart, digital, lighting control in the IoT era


Presenter: Scott Wade, DiiA

This presentation is in both English and Simplified Chinese.

>> 下载演示文稿 Download the presentation


DiiA SEMINAR: Lightfair International

May 2019

Please visit the Lightfair 2019 page to download the presentations below:

“DALI-2: The global standard for smart, digital, lighting control in the IoT era”
► Scott Wade & Ronald Tol, DiiA

“Proposed American National Standard For Lighting Systems – Digital Interface with Auxiliary Power”
► Michael O’Boyle, LC - Signify & ANSI C137.4 Working Group

“An End User’s perspective to Using DALI for Outdoor Lighting”
► Kevin Fitzmaurice, LC - Georgia Power


DiiA logos

Download the DiiA logo (CMYK)

Download the DiiA logo (black)