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Milestones for DALI-2 certification

DALI-2 certification: Milestones

Oct 4, 2021: DALI Alliance updates DALI-2 tests (Parts 202, 205, 206 & 209) >> More

May 28: First Zhaga-D4i control device earns certification >> More

Apr 15: DALI Alliance issues specifications for Wireless to DALI Gateways >> More

Dec 11, 2020: First D4i control device is certified by DALI Alliance >> More

Nov 6, 2020: DALI-2 certification now includes Part 208 for relays and switches​ >> More

Oct 22, 2020: D4i sensors and controllers for smart, IoT-ready luminaires (Part 351) >> More

May 2020: DiiA passes milestone of 1000 DALI-2 certified products >> More

Feb 2020: First DALI-2 tunable white LED drivers receive certification >> More

Feb 2020: Tunable white (Tc) colour control is added to DALI-2 certification >> More

Dec 2019: First D4i certified LED driver added to DiiA product database >> More

Nov 2019: DiiA starts D4i certification of LED drivers >> More

Oct 2019: D4i specifications updated and new Part 351 published by DiiA >> More

July 2019: 500th certified DALI-2 device added to DiiA database >> More

June 2019: DALI-2 certification of sensors and input devices is now underway >> More

May 2019: First DALI-2 input device is certified by Zencontrol >> More

May 2019: Input devices added to DALI-2 certification program >> More

November 2018: First DALI-2 multi-master control device >> More

September 2018: DALI specifications from DiiA enable intelligent, connected LED luminaires >> More

August 2018: Launch of DALI-2 certification Phase 2 >> More

March 2018: DiiA certifies 100th DALI-2 product >> More

November 2017: First DALI-2 bus power supply is certified >> More

October 2017: First DALI-2 control device is certified >> More

September 2017: First DALI-2 products certified (LED drivers) >> More

August 2017: Launch of certification program Phase 1 >> More

August 2017: Test sequences for Part 207 and Part 103 (single-masters only) supplied to members >> More

July 2017: Registration starts for DALI version-1 products >> More

June 2017: DiiA unveils details of certification process, starts sale of credits >> More

June 2017: Latest DALI-2 and DALI version-1 test sequences available to members >> More

February 2017: DiiA releases first DALI-2 test sequences to members >> More